Wednesday, August 4, 2010

revving up

after my little quiet vacation, i'm revving back up for some events. little ones, like getting the paper mill functioning and experimenting with new knowledge. tonight i talk to ed clark's papermaking class at suny potsdam about my paper and book stuff. they'll get some textiles thrown in for good measure. i just took this piece of heavy linen/cotton (perhaps, carol didn't know for sure) paper out of the dye bath. dyed with bloodroot and black hollyhock, vinegar and water. it's almost edible.
this is a piece of cotton fabric that i used for indigo clean up in tatiana's class. i today wrapped it up with maple leaves that had fallen, and they imparted a tiny bit of ochre to the cloth. this is a nice one, but the paper, oh, my is great.
me moving my camera last night at dusk, making a mess, and liking it. indigo and rust. again.


Valerianna said...

Beautiful accident photo, quite enchanting...!

jude said...

i hear your motor running.

iNdi@ said...


neki desu said...

awesome fabrics.dreamy photo.

Bonnie K said...

I can feel the passion in your "voice".

love the photo-by-accident...very ethereal.

Deb G said...

Oh the colors!

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