Monday, August 16, 2010

mountain day

living 10 miles or so from the blue line is a boon. i get to live in the foothills, with university and st. lawrence river and ontario access, in the biggest county east of the mississippi. the blue line, a magic line encircling the adirondack forest preserve has as it's creed forever wild
we visit, attend concerts and openings, eat, shop, hike, ski there. i learned about lichens crawling around in the woods there. i found a brown shelf fungus that grew on red pines that yielded a lavender dye upon testing. 
the birch store in keene valley always has at least one exquisite textile. you find cashmere and linen and textures to dance your fingers over. exquisite items. i used to sell my miniature tapestries and igs, and even some books there. contrast with this place
i don't know joe's story, but his is a place name now (and there's a place called paul smiths where paul smiths college is. one nephew graduated from there). so sunday hannah, wendy, and i took a break and went to the mountains. now, this morning, these foothills look even more beautiful. very few maples had begun to turn color, it's a long hot summer. that top photo: it's a cloud event. another nephew (who also graduated from an adirondack college) used to record these events on whiteface mountain. part of the initial acid rain research. 


Bonnie K said...

Oh how I miss living up in the north country where the blue line was so close that one could meander in the mountains for the day!

That fabric is soooooooooo lovely, the colors remind me of the Adirondacks.

Velma said...

isn't it great?!

kaite said...

i'm learning so much about north america and canada from reading the blogs in this warm loosely woven community, the views, the textiles, the small stories - they're all good...k.

neki desu said...

beautiful mountains, beautiful fabric.the soft haze of the mountains is on the fabric too.

Velma said...

i just touched it-then photographed it-didn't even look at the price tag!

Deb G said...

That is one incredibly beautiful piece of fabric. Such soft dreamy mountains.

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