Sunday, August 29, 2010

completed and beginning

i completed changed (above) and august (below), two vellum covered shifu books. they are books four and five in the series. 
stiff dyed vellum cover, laced in text block sewn on vellum tapes
the pages for august were made exactly one year ago, i made a page each day. looking through the book i see my thinking from the year before, stuff much on my mind in august. before going back to teach another school year. coyotes, dyes, flax, landscape, paper, shifu, tess, and a small gathering of much loved humans.
a friend valerie sparked a renewed local interest in hula hooping. she is amazing, here in the park during farmer's market, teaching a small group of enthusiastic hoopers. hoopists? i caught the end of the mini workshop, but i did see her with three hoops, all rotating.
this young lady is my friend's pup tess. she was with me for ten of the august days last year as a ten week old. it was NOT fun! she was very needy then. she's beautiful and has eyes only for him, though she likes everyone else with a breezy, have fun attitude. 
tess and the gwen. when these two visit, they bring along lena, a dobie. wendy deeply disapproves of them all, but mostly tess. these two are very cuddly.


Lisa said...

your book is a stunning textural delight.
love those puupy pictures...we are about to get another pup in a few weeks and I am gearing myself up for those ten week old days...

Deb G said...

There is a reason puppies are that their companions can survive their puppy hood with mental health intact. :)

Velma said...

it was a huge sacrifice to care for someone else's pup for so long. because it was HARD.

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