Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hazy morning

i got up around five today, and this was what i saw. 
and this is what i'm thinking about and working on
a book called changed (i think) and the twirl of fiber?--a poem, written twice, spun once.


iNdi@ said...

i have a photograph taken out of my bedroom window that looks quite similar to your top pic

Bonnie K said...

love the spider's web graced with rain crystals

Velma said...

yeah--the old screen holds raindrops beautifully.

and the spider's web--they were everywhere this morning!

karen said...

I love your little book of fabric snippets and the images in this post of the rain are so lace like. Glad I stopped by, Karen

Velma said...

each page is a 4 selvedge handspun, handmade lokta shifu (handwoven paper) square, naturally dyed--

mjc said...

Love the web (and weaving).

neki desu said...

promise of cooler weather, im jealous!
like the hand stitching on the little book

Velma said...

those webs were everywhere!

it is cooler, and it's very august here which means crickets and goldenrod and nights that are lovely for sleeping. oh, and allergies and allergies and allergies.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes. much much web weaving in August.
and the green from the elderberry here IS
color fast.

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