Tuesday, August 31, 2010

travelers and friends

at 5:40 yesterday hannah left for grad school. driven to boston for a city experience, she left behind her car, bike and most of her stuff. and me. she was scared, but has already connected with friends. my kids are on both coasts now.
mouse attack: one of the visiting setters pointed a mouse in a trunk/table in my livingroom. inside, there was indeed a mouse, and the disaster of a momento from my babyhood. 
it's been cleaned up, there was mouse poop and piss everywhere. gross mess and now i have one less hidey hole.
after lunch i went to st lawrence university as a guest of mark mcmurray and his book arts class. they were having a special workshop given by these folks.
peter and donna thomas have been trundling abou the u.s. all summer in their pickup and gypsy wagon. they parked it at slu and students stopped in. so did i and took some pics. 
off we went to the library for peter's class.
also visiting campus were the combat papermakers. so the wagon gathering included the drews, tom lascall, mark who pedalled up and a slew of slu students. (he he he)
horrible shot. apologies. look at the treatment of the gauze (binding cloth-super-mull) curtain weighted down by buttons sewn on the hem. imagine the clickety sounds from a breeze.


kaite said...

oh how i can sympathise with you re the mouse. it's tragic what they can do to old friends stored away "safely", i've had it happen often enough. but it does mean that one is living in a more natural environment than the cities tho.
an interesting clickety curtain, i like that idea...k.

Velma said...

the curtain was great, the mice are, too, outside!

Deb G said...

When my first cat died I wasn't ready for another right away, that is until I got up one morning and startled a mouse that was on the kitchen floor. Got a kitten that day.

I just love that sink!

Velma said...

yeah, i was ready to move in! no cats here, very allergic! the setters are pretty good, though.

T said...

My daughter lives in a truck, and she is on the other coast of australia. Her truck is like a gypsy trailer too.

We have mice here, and have taught betty (dog) to chase them. No cats here either.


Bonnie K said...

Peter and Donna arrive today in Buffalo. I am going to their lecture and workshop this evening at the Western New York Book Arts Center. I am so excited...and eager to see the gypsy wagon in person!

Velma said...

oh, enjoy. i don't think i could really live so lightly. it's an ideal that i don't have to achieve. enjoy, bonnie!

mjc said...

Wow...Donna, Peter AND the Combat folks? Sounds (and looks) like a delicious day. Here in the city, we do get mice too...and, worse: rats, occasionally. Bleah. We are cat-less too, so maybe I need a pointer/ setter instead of the border collie or Aussie pup I've been dreaming of.

Velma said...

yeah--unbelievable. gwen did a marvelous job, i wish wendy could learn it. hard to herd mice...drew m is from canton and often works at slu's paper facility. sounded like a big project...

neki desu said...

cool idea that of the curtain.
notice i'm not talking about ___ >o<

Lindy said...

Absolutely love the gypsy wagon. I could live in one as long as I could live alone - too cramped for anyone else. In the meantime I'm going to work at a sink like the gypsy sink. :-D

Velma said...

no shower. i'd miss that after a while. so would anyone within 100 yards.

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