Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eve

katie and hannah and zoe, sammy, bentley, and wendy on their way home. 
wendy spotted me.
this year has been a marker year for me, a watershed.
isis and katrina. her first tree in decades.
i don't have any trouble with the idea that this is a holy time. 
every day is.
celebrate the return of the light!
wishing you joy.


aimee said...

LOVE that pic of all the beauties on the road. i am thinking the same thing, celebrating the slowly lengthening days!! finally. mostly, i am grateful that you *shared* this year with us all.

Anonymous said...

--a winter wonderland. Here we have days of gale force winds and torrential rain. Not so pretty. I hold the people in my life just a little closer--they bring warmth and joy--and this year is special for having "met" you, Velma. Peace and Joy.

Velma said...

aimee, someday we'll do that walk together! you know how much you have encouraged me.
jean, a new fiber friend who quietly makes amazing work. much love to you both.

neki desu said...

enjoy the good company


the first word verification was pacis :) peace, that to you too

Velma said...

thank you, neki

Fiona Dempster said...

Velma - you are so right; each day is a celebration and a time to be thankful and reflect. Its been a wonderful year, getting to know you across the miles and the oceans. Go well!

kaite said...

what a beautiful walk and of course, wendy would always keep an eye on you.
wishing you joy and continuing strong hands for now and throughout the next year also...k.

iNdi@na said...

lovely to see all the happy puppies
and in entire agreement
that every day we wake up breathing
constitutes a holy day
and a generous blessing

deb g said...

Yes, everyday has something to celebrate...

Velma said...

sometimes even the entire day. every. single. minute.

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