Tuesday, December 14, 2010

evening reflection

i almost didn't walk tonight.
but i heard geese and looked up, pulling out the camera. i was so tired i forgot to mess around with the settings, flash, etc. 
star light, star bright near the moon. it was 16 degrees when i left the house, colder back home. in the dark.
happy nightfall in the north country. one peaceful me, a happy dog.
a door.
 today at school the same student who flipped on me yesterday, repeated the performance
he walked out of class. and i had him stay out. we went on. after, he came back, apologized for his behavior, explained the source of his behavior, stress, and the reason for the stress. a looming court date. he understood himself. 
that's huge.
i asked him if we were ok. he said yes. the door opened.


Patty said...

You are a good teacher. Thank you for teaching

kaite said...

wow, shivers down my spine. you did good and so did he. you must have a very safe presence.

the geese are wonderful, almost a geese kite...k.

Velma said...

don't know if i'm good, but i am good at waiting.

and kaite, here they always call them skeins of geese. i don't see that, but i like the word!

nandas said...

wow...what a benchmark of a day for this kid... glad he could do that. this says a lot for your teaching too... we need more teachers like you velma... the beautiful moon and star and then the geese... that was a gift!

Anonymous said...

skeins of geese--it has a nice sound. Beautiful sky. Take care, Velma.

Fiona Dempster said...

It's good to remember to look up isn't it? Nice waiting...I'm glad he found his way back.

Velma said...

i'm not sure it's a benchmark for him, nance, but it IS establishing trust. i didn't give up on him. i think most adults have failed him. we won't. if he ends up in jail, god knows what will happen.

always look up! said by the woman who is always looking down at tiny things!

Deb G said...

It's a pretty magic moment when you look up to something like that.... Thinking about how important limits can be at times.

kaite said...

skeins is good, i get it...k.

Christie Minchew said...

I loved the top photo...so simple, thinking of stitching. And then your simple story of your day. Puts so many things in perspective. The fact that he came back and apologized...and talked - you must be very important to him.

Velma said...

the skies here sustain. the job, too.

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