Saturday, December 4, 2010


this would have been enough, more than--
three samples of spun kozo and ramie, and the papers they came from
 and there was this, too. shifu.
and even more shifu.
indigo, woven shibori, shifu
and amazing paper things.
a flower broach.
this is what the internet facilitates. an opening. a sharing.
of ideas.
a questioning. 
an answering. 
the remarkable jean
thank you.


aimee said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i am floored. oh, velma, that is amazing! but HOW you are just the right person to gift it to!! you are.

jude said...

oh my.

Velma said...

yep. amazing. i couldn't breathe for a bit.

onesmallstitch said...

thanks for sharing the shifu--the circle widens. Aimee is so right, there is nobody who appreciates paper/shifu better than you--jean

Velma said...

you women are something! generous with ideas, thoughts, kindnesses.

kaite said...

how absolutely wonderful and just perfect for you. k.

Barry said...

V-don't you just love the generpousity and the connections that this blogging and internet community encourages. J- good one; and as A says V is just the right person. Go well all. B

Velma said...

feels like a passel of kindness becoming more.

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