Friday, December 10, 2010

evening, and a thing to offer

yesterday afternoon, just before dusk, it was cold. around 10 degrees, i think, and we walked only a short distance, just over a mile.
the snow is up to my knees in my yard. that's around 18 inches. 
and to the west--looking from my neighbor's land toward mine--

i have been asked about selling some shifu squares and eco prints, and books, and still have not explored the HOW of doing that. for anyone who is wanting a shifu square, email me, i have a few on hand i will part with.
(whoops--i should have added they are $15.00 each)


Cait Throop said...

Velma, that moon was amazing last night though I didn't see those geese! Your camera captures the outside better than mine--that sunset is breathtaking--and I love the snow!!!!! (Wendy doesn't look all that pleased!)

kaite said...

i'm always amazed, but we had that same moon last night, but no birds that i could see. beautiful photos.
I'm with you, i have been asked about selling also and have not yet investigated how to do that, so currently i swap. But i might look into it for the New Year. if you're interested we could swap info on how to set it up? k.

Velma said...

cait-i hear a LOT of geese, and looked up, and far up the moon and the birds. amazing.

Velma said...

kaite, i looked over at etsy today and my mind boggled. yuck!!!!! but i think i will go with big cartel (jude recommended) because it's got a finer layout.

kaite said...

yes i was thinking of that also, Heike uses it too. k.

Fiona Dempster said...

Beautiful photos Velma - best wishes for the exploration of how to sell; its one of the big challenges we all face and I never have an easy answer to the question "where can I buy your stuff?" Still working on it!

Anonymous said...

interested in the comments on selling, investigated etsy and decided it wasn't for me. didn't know where else to go. Your outdoor photos are gorgeous.

Velma said...

so i will do big cartel, if i can bring myself to do it. i am SO NOT a businesswoman.

maryharding said...

Hi Velma, Big Cartel looks very easy. Just put on the photos, a descriptions and a price. They seem to do the rest. Postage etc. you can get ideas from what others charge. Really, the photos are the hardest, and promoting yourself the most time consuming. Good Luck with it. Maybe you and Cait can come over together after The Holidays.

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