Tuesday, December 7, 2010

late day snow report

yesterday's snow kept getting longer and longer and deeper and deeper.
 the plow really travels down the hill, the same one the suv went off going up on monday.
 snow thoughts by grandmother maple
 it was flying for many hours. 
not a blizzard, just a real snow.
there's a stone wall in there. 
and tonight, walnut dyed little papers, in the snow.


Serena said...

now that's a proper snow.

aimee said...

you're quite the weatherwoman! love it. reminds me of when i was going to see you and then the snow dumped and so i didn't. LOVE the paper the best!!!

nandas said...

that is really amazing... you can actually see the snowflake design!!! this is really exciting. i have not seen snow like that very often... usually it was in clumps... so was this a dry snow that made it able to see them so clearly? we don't get snow very often here.

kaite said...

grandmother maple needs a wrap to help her stay warm, she really looks grandmotherly. your walnut dyed little papers are delightful and especially with the tiny but very real snowflake in the middle of them. k.

Barry said...

V - whilst it looks beautiful it also looks cold. The walnut dye gives a great deep dark hue. B

Velma said...

the snow was light, powdery and even though i didn't ski in it i think it would have been marvelous.

jude said...

jealous... snow and paper seems to go together.

Velma said...

in japan, the farmers made paper in winter, their hands freezing in the unheated vats of clean pulp, the women cleaning bark from pulp leaning over the flowing streams, sitting in the snow.

Velma said...

i should say there are other cultures that followed this "schedule", too, and sometimes even i do.

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