Sunday, December 5, 2010

pulp work

what every paper maker knows
pulp in the jewelry. on the skin, in the hair. in the eyes. even the tiny arm hairs.
field retted milkweed. (finally) sheet formed.
 and drying on boards.
supervised by the ever vigilant one.
post papermaking snack.
couldn't get the light right above-subtract the yellow and you'll imagine the correct hue. 
i am so thinking about this, imagining this and wanting to make a book with this, 
i'll go check the mill, eat some supper, and return to map out another book that i have in mind. just thinking for now...


jude said...

i feel better now.

aimee said...

YAY, you DID it! how i love wendy and her constant supervision. and the shifu...takes away speech. you are a brave papermaker to keep your jewelry on in the vat!! i'm glad someone got wet today since it's been too long already for me. hooray!!

kaite said...

there's some interesting movement in that last pic, connections, disconnections, re-connections - i can see why you want to use it. You have some good looking milkweed sheets there, do you use a hollander? k.

Velma said...

aimee, i always forget the jewelry until i see it coated in pulp.
kaite, i have a hollander, but milkweed doesn't require one. i mostly use bette (the beater) when processing rag or flax.

Barry said...

V-such industriousness; so creative. B

Velma said...

barry, i tend toward total laziness, so busy is good for me.

Jeana Marie said...

ummm - glad it wasn't your car accident! Beautiful paper, your photos do make me want to take a deep breath in to smell.

Jeana Marie said...

(I meant to post this on the post that said car accident of course! Sorry about that!)

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