Tuesday, December 28, 2010


 some glimpses into the process of how i record stuff. the stuff of making stuff.
 i steal from all kinds of places, national geographic, my photos, a stray flicker feather... 
this journal was made by my former yoga teacher anastasia osolin, and i just love the size, about 6x8, easy to cart around, big enough to work in.
working on some very green daylily paper as well as working out some poems.
this paper ended up here.
 ian's book, the barn and a bunch of polaroid transfers and emulsion prints.
the barn where mist lived.
and below, the old swing set, and mist in the meadow.
i can't wait to see where he takes this book. i bound it with lots of room in the sections to add in writing, drawing, "stuff" he might collect. and he is a collector, like me. 
the cover has pockets, and the pages could be removed and resewn if necessary.


aimee said...

i always love looking at your sketchbooks. it's like some kind of guaranteed comfort. like w/asao! knowing someone is out there, working hard, keeping track of it all, being true to their nature.

kaite said...

daylily paper - thats nice, i like your paper.
Ian's book looks like it's from another era.

Barry said...

V-isn't stuff such a creative word - allows room for so much. B

Fiona Dempster said...

Velma I am in awe of your journals - they are such rich and glorious vessels of ideas and observations. I could feast on them for hours. Your gift for Ian was sublime - the images so gentle and worn; and ready to be worked; and I love that you bound it with so much room for added extras - thoughtfulness and understanding.'The barn where mist lived...' I'll hold that thought and image. Thank you.

Velma said...

thank you, i'm irregular in my use of sketchbooks, i often don't use one for ages.
and fiona, you know how sometimes you get it just right? this was it!.
i will miss her, my beautiful gray thoroughbred mare mist.

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