Sunday, September 11, 2011

september 11

it hardly matters where i was
to anyone else
what matters is that this day
ten years ago,
i looked at a television
and could not believe my eyes.

what i remember after:
the stories of papers and ash

and anguish

when will we stop hating each other?


kaiteM said...

when we start to love each other perhaps?

Velma said...

yes, kaite, YES

Manya Maratou said...

and ourselves. thanks.

Velma said...

and manya, you, too, are spot on.

jude said...

i watched the planes hit and the towers fall from my office window. it was a strange ride home. i am glad though, that i came away without hate. it has to stop somewhere.

Claudia said...

Drove by a group of 20 or so women and men on my drive to Maine this summer, Farmington. All the women + the 3 men were clearly past 5o. All in the group wore black t-shirts with large white letters proclaiming:
Perhaps a different logo, perhaps:
would be less antagonistic.
And that is what we need:
less antagonism and lots more peace.

Velma said...

oh, jude--
c, i love that shirt, your version.

iNd!@nA said...

Aesop's fable about the sun and the wind comes to mind. It's a whole lot easier to win someone around to your way of thinking with warmth and friendliness than by trying to blow their coat off...

Anonymous said...

when we learn to respect, learn from and celebrate one anothers differences

Barry said...

V- about all we can do is begin the peace within ourselves and hope it spreads a little. B

Velma said...

i, or their brains out...
j & b, true, and teach peace

ArtPropelled said...

As Barry says all we can do is begin within ourselves. Your photograph is a beacon of hope.

Velma said...

r, you're right, we need many beacons.

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