Monday, March 8, 2010


dateline: north of the blue line (figure that one out!)

headline: the camera works

reason: brilliant daughter said, did you try different batteries? i replied, of course! she said, try the remote batteries, we know they work. (remote, you say, in the luddite house? yes, dvd has one!) so i did try. camera popped out it's lens and said, let me shoot, woman! and i am humbled and rejoicing. 

photos: after i nap. i also have a sinus infection. staying home from yoga, even.
shifu, linen warp, paper weft: thai unriyu and indigo kozo 


Joei Rhode Island said...

Simple is often not.

Velma said...

well said.

jude said...


neki desu said...

those textures are killers.

marionjoy said...

don't you love brilliant daughters? i do, i have one myself ... ha ha .... get better, sinus infections are awful ..

cbolyard said... made me laugh again!!!i just had to look up what a luddite was after hearing you mention it fits you!! i must say in some ways though i am torn between my two degrees...i do see some good points of the industrial revolution...but the industrial arts in me usually gives way to the arts side....and i have more fun working with a coal forge and anvil as opposed to a computer controlled milling machine.......
luddite...i liked that!!!
as for the sinus infection, i have them all the time myself...must be a bolyard thing...
get well soon!

Sarah said...

Glad your camera is back to full health, hope you're feeling better soon as well (new batteries perhaps?!)

I've just been looking back through your archives, your books are beautiful as is your hand made paper. Can't wait to see how the indigo turns out!

Velma said...

i wish sinisitis was as easily fixed as my lovely camera! the secondary infection (on my chin for cying out loud) is almost gone.

thanks chuck and sarah, and do come by the indigo vat when i get it going.

in the photo above, the pale blue stripe behind the knot is indigo dyed kozo.

Jeana Marie said...

hope you are feeling better since this post..very glad to here your camera is working!

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