Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i'm reminded of that word when i ask or expect too much, and today i admitted to my doctor that i am still not well, so i'm taking a third round of antibiotics. third. and i'm trying to stay positive. i'm only a bit sick, tired of low energy. what's cool though is that i email dave with symptom updates!

i have found local farmers to raise my indigo seedlings for me, so that, once things warm up, i can plant here. and once again, after all these years and two other unsuccessful tries, i will have my own little plot. brian and ann are organic farmers, making a living and also using their place as a teaching farm. and my students will visit and work there, learning new skills, becoming a part of something important, and lending some helpful teenage energy. last year we planted, cultivated, fed the animals, mucked, worked in the greenhouses among other things. we even helped build an outhouse!

not much creative energy in me. time to relax a little.
some tools i carved


Dianne said...

Velma... I'm in such awe of you and the things you do. You seem to live such a simple and rich life... and you pass those concepts on to your students... The world would be a better place if we all lived that way. Feel better...

Dianne said...

By-the-way... if wildflowers make you smile or feel better, visit my new blog: http://bitsandpiecesofd.blogspot.com Today's post is filled with roadside wildflowers... and there will be more as the season progresses.

Virginia said...

Hang in there, Velma! The snowdrops promise that spring will be here soon.

I sympathize with the 3 rounds of antibiotics getting you down - I played that game in November & December. Here's a home remedy (?) that has worked for me so far - I started drinking several glasses of water with lemon juice in them every day in late December. I haven't been sick since then - which is unheard of for me since Maxx came to town. I think the lemon juice has altered my ph just a teeny bit, just enough to discourage little bug-a-boos from colonizing in my system.

mjc said...

Be well, Velma.

Velma said...

thanks for the kind wishes everyone.

neki desu said...

have you tried goji berries?google for their properties. i'm on them and have noticed my energy levels are rising.and no colds this winter.
working the land is good therapy for kids.it's the real world.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Hope you feel better soon. Love the idea of taking children to an organic farm to teach them about growing and doing. So many kids these days don't get that opportunity.

Velma said...

our program will visit five mondays this spring, working with student volunteers from a local university and the farmers. and our staff, of course!

neki--i will investigate. i have around 10 teens and five adults all bringing in the demon viruses and bacterium.

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