Sunday, March 21, 2010

snow geese surprise

corn fields harvested in autumn, become places of plenty in late winter/early spring

i grew up loving the movie (and later on the book) the snow goose by paul gallico. i got a call this evening about a "layover" about 8 miles away, and i had to go and see. they are so beautiful. i know they are abundant, even nuisance birds in some places, but not here.

my front yard


Dianne said...

Such nice visitors to your area... I've always wanted to see the flocks of snow geese rising off the lake like I hear about and have seen on TV.

colleen d said...

unfortunately, we have no snow geese here in Australia - but I agree, one of my favourite books of all time was The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico - not to mention all his other great books. He had a great empathy for animals.

neki desu said...

nature taking over?

Fiona said...

Our geese haven't arrived yet. I'll keep my eyes and ears open.

jude said...

at this point, the best kind of snow to be in the air.....

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