Thursday, March 4, 2010

joke's on me

louise has a sister/brother and a mom, because there are three and it's obvious they are "together". all three of them hung out in the back yard today. north of here, where i work it's mud season, but here we still have enough snow cover to still be in winter. that's why louise and family like my yard, red pine needles, spots of grass, and the brushy areas i leave because i don't live in town. yesterday i spotted two of them resting and chewing their cuds. i actually saw them chewing!

so, ok, i am not a sports person, but i did watch a bit of the olympics at my friend's place and last saturday hannah and i spent a l...o...n...g... time watching curling. and being a textile person i thought to comment on the norwegian team's argyle pants. but hannah's done it for me on her blog

i'll wait for the next olympics, it's a summer one, right? when maybe i'll get to see ian millar, my hero, ride again. for me, it's all about the horses. and me, i once rode in the same flat class with him. wonder of wonders.


PiecesofD said...

Louise and her family look very content in your back yard. I found it quite endearing, no pun intended, that so many deer bed down in yards up there. I saw several and my father-in-law has eight that come to his yard at night.

Anonymous said...

What lovely photographs. I see a brick wall from my window...

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