Saturday, December 11, 2010

maybe i'm disheveled in mind---

well, friday we had another air quality issue (mold) and sent home all busses as they arrived to school. and now we know that we will be out of our present school building until after the first of the year. we will be holding classes at the boy's and girl's club building in town. yikes. i grabbed a bunch of supplies before leaving on friday, and will be able to teach immediately, but oh, my, our school is shut down at the hardest time for e.d. kids to deal with.

 the stack of eco dyed scrunchies looks like my mind grappling with this situation. 
any thoughts of a store will be on hold until we go on break. 
this will be challenging.
 the first photo above is contained in this one, milkweed papers, recycled botanical papers, lots of walnut dye, and a wee milkweed vessel.
silk scarves, ecoprinted
working with a great team will make this possible, but oh, my.
by way of solace, today's mail contained selvedge and fiberarts, with a feature article on india flint. fiberarts is owned by interweave press, u.s. publisher of india's book ecocolour.


aimee said...

paper: delicious. the rest of it, gorgeous! but yikes about the loss of home base for the kids. the good thing is that the higher ups recognize the mold is a BAD scene, but this will be quite an adventure for all. i wish i lived closer to be able to help out!

Velma said...

me, too!

onesmallstitch said...

oh, velma the upheavel is bad news not just for the kids but you as well. what is the paper egg. is it for sale/trade, please? be kind to yourself.

kaite said...

you do sound worried. i wonder, would it help the kids if someone took a little comfort food for them? i love the milkweed vessel. k.

Lynda Howells said...

sorry about having to move..had to do is so upsetting is't it! Love the colours.Love the paer "egg"! lyndax

nandas said...

sorry to hear about the school. change is so hard for those kids.
the photos are stunning though. you have such a sense for the natural elements. i consider your paper a natural element.
so... are you looking for selvedges?

Barry said...

V - agree with N - must be hard for the kids - though if they can take familiar people and activities with them it makes it easier. Love the colours of the paper and egg for. Go well. B

Deb G said...

Last year we had a large fire at one of the middle schools and all the children had to be redistributed to a variety of schools for a couple years. So hard these types of situations.... I'll be thinking about you all, hoping that everyone settles in well.

What you've created is just fantastic. All of it.

Velma said...

nance, don't know what you mean by looking for selvedges. (i meant i get the journal)

barry, they will be struggling, but will count on us, you're right.

there was a fire next door two years ago and we sent them home as they arrived on their busses, that was quite the event. this is inside, scarier. a fire in our building would be very bad.

jude said...

consistency is so important for these kids, very difficult, i hope all settles down in a good way...

deemallon said...

beautiful objects... and in all the chaos! transitions are challenging, upheaval even more so. but environmental toxins? not so good either.

I had to help pack my entire office last week -- which will have to be unpacked this week. It makes people crabby and anxious. Control issues flare. Me? I want to be the least-ruffled by it all, the most flexible... which becomes a control issue all its own.

hope things have settled down since this post. (and, here's a thought -- perhaps the kids do better with this kind of challenge that we adults do? even with all their needs for stability? in what ways does the upset serve their and your highest good right now? -- not to get preachy - just questions that, if I were in your situation, I'd want to be asking myself (and which, come to think of it, I SHOULD be asking myself!))

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