Monday, December 13, 2010

two books, three covers

three split rocks
i made two books sunday, one for ian. it is bound with a cover of st. armand flax paper, and the pages are polaroid emulsions. here it is before binding. i made a nifty cover, that folds on itself and contains a spine stiffener, all held together without glue, just folds. putting together the show reminded me of my emulsion investigations. above you see three small rock book covers, the ones i'd lost and never made the pages for. now i can.
the rectangular object photographed here is the cooling system for the milk house on this old farm. now it serves as an interesting artifact of 1950s farming, and a breeding ground for mosquitos. i love it's weirdness. and remember, these photos are the rejects, but will make a wonderful ground for a sketchbook. it will be in the mail today. 


kaite said...

beautiful looking flax paper cover, very whole/some. k.

jude said...

how do you split the rocks?
i am sure ian will love this gift.

aimee said...

soooo wonderful. i love everything that is pouring out of you these days. the rocks remind me of organs. kidneys and the like. i love their colors.

neki desu said...

polaroid emulsions in a rockbook
lucky ian!

Anonymous said...

oh my, do you ever sleep? love your rock books.

ronnie said...

love the rocks! love the books! and maybe I'm one of the very few who not only knows exactly what an old (circa 1940s-50s) dairy cooling system is/ looks like...... I've experienced the mozzie bites as proof!

in fact if you look here:
you'll see that my partner is currently dismantling his old dairy (see if you can spy the weird homemade tall cooling tower circa 1950s..... hint - it looks like an alien spaceship!)

Velma said...

these little rock book covers, just like the large ones, become visible to me as i walk around here. i find them split. i seem to see them. and the emulsions were all the rejects, and i kept them but didn't want to do much with them until they put themselves into a book over the weekend. i told ian about it, and he got very excited, so off it goes.

maybe i should call them organ books...

the old milkhouse is gone, except for the floor and the tank. i keep trying to think what to do with it???

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