Thursday, September 1, 2011

blue tape

one small package in the mailbox 
fine wrapping paper 
a note 
knit hanji
two little god/desses 


lotta said...

what a treat. and what a talented artist. thank you for the link.

aimee said...

it made it!! and the post office person scolded me about the blue tape, saying it was possible all the postage could fall off and the package lost. the wrapping is of thai kozo, made in boston, in hanji class!

Valerianna said...

love the little flying god/desses!

neki desu said...

the wrapping paper !!!

Velma said...

l-aimee's work is strong and so good.
a-the notorious thai kozo!
v-they are so amazing

Penny Berens said...

So many treasures from one small box!

onesmallstitch said...

oh, what a wonderful start to a new month/season. so many little treasures.

lynne h said...

WOW... what a perfect package... xoxo

Velma said...

p-it was SUCH a treasure, and i get to share it!
l-yes, again

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