Tuesday, February 21, 2012



this winter is so bleached and flat
very different 
very dry, too,
also unusual
the snow
becomes punky,
grasses hide 
the critters who mine their way
under cover 
i search for color
thirsty, parched
and most days
there's a tint of color
on either end of the day


fran said...

...love your photos...i lamented our gray overcast winter in my blog post "optimism" a few days ago...like you i crave color...and found it...

Kit said...

that is a beautiful pink! Our winter is very similar in character. I'm appreciating the subtlety of it.

Valerianna said...

Beautiful negative space in the split stone. The stone is almost a heart...

Yes, a very unusual winter. Difficult walking in the forest cause when I break through the snow, I wrench my knee. I wonder about all those critters that usually live in the sub-snow world: above the ground, but tunelling in the snow. I wonder what THEY have been doing this winter....?

Velma said...

fran, i love the somber colors, the richness, it's the oddness of this winter i lament, the dryness, when it's never open like this! i miss the "norm".
kit, the sunrises and sets have been wonderful.
valerie, yes, i saw that heart! the critters...all in the grasses? maybe this summer will be low in populations.

Anonymous said...

your photos are very touching lately.

Velma said...

very kind, serena!

Ms. said...

All Winter (what Winter?) I have longed for snow, for the blanket of muffling whiteness to fall even though here in NYC it doesn't last but a day--to no avail. I'm headed for Massachusetts after the first week pf March and am convinced that the March storms of the past three years, falling near the Ides of, will deliver my wish (I have photos to prove the point). For now, all the green swords of Daffodil, Tulip and Iris are showing already in the little church garden I tend. They, like you and me, are anxious for the action to break through. But, it was the same (diaries guide me now) last year and the year before, and before that, this exhausted restlessness of February. Remember that Celtic Imbolic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imbolc) also appears (around our Valentine day) and it seems to me we are right on time with everything.

Velma said...

ms. i wonder about the lack of snow, poor man's fertilizer, and my means for going deep into the woods in winter. i have seen so many miracles on skis, from a bald eagle to an owl kill. and sprained an ankle, once, as well.

leFiligree said...

i love the color "on both ends of the day." like ornate endpapers, no?

we have everyone's snow up here in AK. come and get it!

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi V it has been a weird one for you for sure - odd and limiting in a way. I really enjoyed the tracery of foliage that we saw whilst we were in the states, it filled me up somehow. Our sunsets are just like yours this week - snap!

aracne said...

It has been a very dry Winter here too, very warm at the beginning then unusually cold.
It was a sunny day yesterday, today it is going to be equally shining, strange how weather can influence my mood: I feel shining as well.

Velma said...

lF, i am SO tempted!
fiona, the limits are self imposed, i suppose, because my mind can't wrap itself around these differences.
aracne, weather always affects me, my students, too.

Sophie Munns said...

I'm writing this comment a week later... after your post on skiing and the wonderful snow so I am shocked to see how dry it is here.

Velma said...

sophie, snow is poor man's fertilizer, and this winter has been very poor, indeed.

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