Thursday, February 16, 2012

tired thursday

today was challenging
 many of you know i work with troubled teens
today there was police involvement
 which happens from time to time
 it's always hard
but always necessary
 i struggle at these times
 to sort out why i teach this population
 but am left knowing that
most people
give up 
on these kids
and i don't
a paper surprise came in the mail.
pictures soon!


Valerianna said...

Oh, bummer.... the weekend is almost here!

deanna7trees said...

you make the world a better place in the work you do with the kids. i taught troubled kids...ages 9-10...and mentored some older ones and had some days like the one you had today so i understand. you are much appreciated even though you might not hear that said out loud.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Thank goodness people like you do what you do (the photos are so right--expressive of each phrase--I know how hard it can be--here is a bit of inspiration:
Homeless Youth brought to RECIPROCITY

kaiteM said...

you do it because somewhere along the line you know you make a difference, no matter how small or temporary, it is a difference. i know how it is.

onesmallstitch said...

whether they realize it now or ever those kids are so very lucky to have you, and I do know how difficult and thankless it can be. Big hugs :)

Lynn said...

Echoing all of the thoughts and sentiments above.
What you do does make a difference.
Your photo of the wire. Hard and tough and even dangerous, yet you've brought out its almost calligraphy-like beauty. Even if it goes back to being a bit of old wire fencing without your lens.

I hope next week is better for you and that you can have some good, restorative time this weekend.

T said...

Good to hear that you are there for them Velma, but at the same time this post tells me that it takes its toll on you. Hard going but with a rewarding ending I hope.


Velma said...

thanks everyone, valerie, the weekend and then a week off!
deanna, you know, then-
ms. i will go and look over there later
kaite, i hope--
jean, hugs accepted!
lynn, thanks for the words on the photos
t, yes, it does

Anonymous said...

as someone whose mother is right there with you in some respects i wrote this about my mom some time ago.

i think it's there, just not always loud and clear.

keep fighting the good fight.

i really like the photo of the barbed wire. that's nice.

bwilliams said...

if we can only reach one kid, make a real impact on one life, it's worth it...doesn't keep us from losing sleep and tears over the others, but it keeps us going back...sometimes when I meet people and they ask how many kids I have I say I have lost count...they're all mine in my heart...and every now and then one will come back and thank me for caring...but then, how could I not? that's why we do this work, is it not?

mansuetude said...

your photos are so beautiful.

teaching is a strange kind of giving of heart and time (hate to say it but some of the most privileged children are in such need, too; its hard to comprehend it)

enjoy the break.

Velma said...

serena, brenda, and mansuetude, i'm a reluctant teacher, in a way. i do the work work for my body, the art teaching for my soul. i have only fallen in love with one kid in all the years, but i love them all. and i will fight for their rights and do my damnedest to help them. privileged kids never see our program.

Nancy said...

Oh Velma, I can relate.
Many years back, school-aged kids in childcare...I felt like the only one who cared. I still remember all of the ones who needed and thus took the most out of me. I wonder how they are these many years later. Kids who yelled & thrashed and tried to 'run' who cried in my arms, knowing things no 7 year old should know.
Blessings to you for doing your best by the kids in your care.

Anonymous said...

I used to advocate for incarcerated mothers... and it was discouraging, hard work, often seeming without support or hope. Your charges are very lucky to have you on their side. Such a turning point in their lives, one way going one way, another, another. I hope that you find emotional supports for yourself in all kinds of places!

Velma said...

thanks, dee, when you do this kind of work you HAVE to have supports. i am feeling more and more burnt out lately.

Sophie Munns said...

MAybe not all are able to realise something from your extraordinary support Velma... but I dare say there are going to be things happen down the track you will never know came form the gift you offer now.
It may only be small things or maybe bigger...
but I have no doubt that you are whispering something to the souls of people who may never have heard what they needed to hear before...
the planting of seeds.... in the dark soil... some seeds find their way ...through the toughest of times!

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