Tuesday, February 7, 2012


walking yesterday was such a pleasure
 i was watching
 and maybe being watched
by someone who reminded me of things
and of someone else
i did see the woman in the moon
who's shy for the camera
 and sometimes she got caught up in the 
tiny tip tops
 and then i saw her in a new place
playing games
 reflected and refracted
 until i moved just a bit
and we all lined up
as evening came along
she was a bit distant
one again
and calm.


deanna7trees said...

she is sitting in a rocking chair and i bet she has a needle in her hand.

Velma said...

for sure, deanna!

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

a doppelganger moon - disguising herself so you won't catch the "real" moon's soul - a secret.

jude said...

nice little story.

Valerianna said...

I gasped at the 4th photo - trees and moon and subtle, beautiful color. Like a Japanese woodblock.

Velma said...

henrietta, ha!
thanks, jude and valerie, she is some moon.

ronnie said...

I love your winter moon shots (and words)... I can't quite believe that your moon is the same girl as my moon... she wears a different dress when she's visiting your place!

Velma said...

she's a winter queen, indeed, ronnie, but just the same as yours.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Seems like all the blogs I follow are moon gazing. What a comfort this is.

Nancy said...

Ahhh...and she dances among the trees. Beautiful :) Tonight my moon hides behind clouds, but a couple of nights ago she was peeking around from their fluffy blankets. I did a moon post too! Ha!

neki desu said...

the words are nice, but
photo 6 what a winner !!!!

Velma said...

ms, the gazing is unavoidable
nancy, she's an event
neki, thanks. i like that one, too.

Barry said...

V- I agree with R - this winter seems to be offering you some beautiful and inspirational sights including this moon. B

Velma said...

barry, she's been an amazing moon all week!

leFiligree said...

amazing moon in the trees' fingertips!

Velma said...

yes, i liked that!

Judy Martin said...


Velma said...

thank you, judy

ArtPropelled said...

Breathtaking! I have so enjoyed catching up with your posts. Loved seeing the owl so clearly in another post too.

Velma said...

robyn, thank you, and that owl was pure magic and pure reality.

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