Sunday, February 5, 2012


i'm a woman who is richly blessed in friends.
often, they surprise me.
(sometimes they scare the living daylights out of me)
 though the year is light in snow, 
there is some ice
at raven pond.
 the bramhalls are busy
 as far as i know neither 
is of inuit heritage
but there is a long tradition of 
 harvesting ice in the north country.
 there is serious ice construction
a little glimpse into the north country.
a good place
to make friends, 
some who are here.
and some in the ethers, elsewhere.
for my friends, i send you these photos
from pat and butch, 
through me, 
to you
happy sunday.


Anonymous said...

happy sunday.

friends are great.

deanna7trees said...

wow. he did such a great job. the piece on the left looks like the hebrew letter chet (ch pronounced as in Bach) which means life. and a happy sunday to you as well.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

yes how lucky and lovely. send more when it is all done...these are definitely for the archives - the friends, time: the moment in and sun to keep it glowing...what a happy day for you indeed...the ice saw is fabulous too - not of the 21C but a part of history - the extended line.

mjc said...

Thank you...such a lovely gift!

ronnie said...

ever since I read about sawing ice in laura ingalls wilder's 'farmer boy' I've imagined what it looked like..... (I'm still imagining what the cold feels like...)

ice (even if in pics) is just what my sunburned legs need right now....

Cait Throop said...

Oh Velma, how lovely!!!

Sophie Munns said...

Stunning !
I wonder at the sight of this... so foreign to my eye!

Velma ... I am sure friendships keep you warm and strong... you give and it comes back!
Your most generous, and more than that, thoughtful words have been such a gift that adds much to my thinking re work I'm on!
t h a n k y o u !

Valerianna said...

Cool! Happy Sunday dusk.... everyone ELSE in the state is about to watch the gladiators. I am settling in to watch the dusk arrive. Have a great week.

Velma said...

everyone, you are a part of the wide circle of friends! ronnie, almanzo wilder grew up about 60 miles away from here! so the homestead IS the little house in the big woods.

Barry said...

V- brilliant ice sculpture - so simple - so beautiful. B

onesmallstitch said...

oh, oh so very beaautiful but a little too cold for my taste. the structure on the left is very similar to a Japanese torii gate. gates are interesting - they let you in and keep you out. stay warm.

Lynn said...

Nothing like an ice sculpture to warm the heart.
Lovely post.

kaiteM said...

wow, that's exciting, i never would have thought of using a chainsaw to cut thru ice. it sure looks cold up there so stay warm.

neki desu said...

wow,wow!! and it's sunny too.

Penny Berens said...

I'm still laughing at the third line in this post. Magical things happening at Raven Lake (or was it pond). They certainly look like they know what they are doing.

Long Ridge Farm said...

beautiful images.
I am thankful we don't have to depend on ice for food storage any more. there isn't enough time in the day. sculpture is good!

Velma said...

all, i just love this, tough i'm not too into going out on the ice myself! butch is amazing!

Maggie Neale said...

Wonderful ice harvesting...lovely!

Velma said...

the bramhalls are amazing folks, maggie, check out their website!

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