Sunday, February 26, 2012

skiing day

 we had a little weather
 but i had slim hopes of snow
i thought it was just going
to go to ice
it has all winter
 but this day proved me wrong, indeed!
 we went skiing!
brilliant white 
i had forgotten how white
and indigo the woods would be
 a little ochre
 and a hobbit house
 beaver sculpture
 and a new home for 
 a dryad
new downed trees
but, as you can see,
it didn't stop me!


Cait Throop said...

Ohhhhh isn't it beautiful??? Glad you and Wendy had fun in the snow!

mansuetude said...

lovely. oh the hush of the woods in snow. i can almost hear the breath and rhythm of the ski as you glide through. thanks for sharing your lovely view.

Ms. said...

Blessed be the woods and thee.

Velma said...

cait, it's SO about time, my first ski in two years!!!
mansuetude, it was pretty noisy, crows and blue jays and lbbs and lgbs and the sound of our happiness!

Velma said...

ms, thankye vury much!

ronnie said...

yowza! loooove the snow (makes me almost wish for some of the white stuff here..... ahhhhhh but that's never going to happen!)

Valerianna said...

Yipee for a ski! I STILL have not gone snowshoeing ONCE! Too rocky, bumpy here for skiing, and I lost all 3 ski boots in my move here :( So, snowshoeing it is. But not this year, yet. Beautiful white, I love it so, too!

Sophie Munns said...

Big sigh Velma... it looks wonderful !
I am glad you were able to be surprised by wonderful snow falls that allowed you to get out on those skies!


Velma said...

ronnie and sophie, i want to get you two out on skis!
valerie, three boots? is there something you aren't telling me???!

Valerianna said...

Oh god, my secret is out!
Just kidding...

that struck me as really funny and I'm now laughing so hard I'm crying and can't catch my breath let alone type this darn comment! Thanks for the laugh therapy!

I meant to write, 3 PAIRS of boots! I now have about 5 pairs of skis and NO boots. All the old three pin kind...

onesmallstitch said...

Velma, I doubt there is much that would stop you! Certainly not a little snow. beautiful photos as always. love the Hobbit house.

Velma said...

valerie!! HA!!!i don't know what the current technology is, but all my skis have NNN BC bindings, which were NEW after 3 pin. yours are probably tre retro, while mine just mildly retro. they probably have magic bindings now--

Velma said...

jean, i am ski crazed and my knees are very happy tonight! YAY!

Margaret said...

I think I like the Beaver Sculpture the best...but then again, I am Canadian... ;-) Beautiful!

P.S. We had a snow day here in Central Alberta yesterday. No beaver, but deer tracks in my backyard when I went to shovel this morning...

Velma said...

margaret, i have beaver happily co-habiting (and probably taking over the universe) on my land "out back". i love the things! and, i'm only 30 miles from prescott...and i grew up 2 miles from queenston (both ontario)!

Jenni said...

Oh how gorgeous...can almost hear the quiet whooshing of those skis on that path .Love all your photos...Thankyou for taking me there

Velma said...

it was amazing jenni, probably because i have been so down by the open winter.

kaiteM said...

i love the hobbit house, want it in my back yard!

Marilla said...

What a beautiful ski you and Wendy had, Velma. Thank you for sharing through your beautiful photos...It has been a horrible, grey winter. Let's hope the snow stays around for a bit so all the skiers and snow shoers can have a bit more fun.

Penny Berens said...

All your photos on this snowy ski day are such a feast for the eyes. The beech leaves (I presume) are my particular favourite. Thanks Velma.

Velma said...

kaite, that little house is going to fall down soon!
marilla, you GET it. what a miserable excuse for winter...and then there was sunday!
penny, a little heron flew into my mailbox...more later!, i love those beech leaves, too.

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