Thursday, February 23, 2012

winter break

 this whole week has been 
one in which i keep showing up
 so to speak,
paying closer and closer attention
to what is going on
 in my work
 and in my world
 skies have been constantly
and continually changing
 clouds teaching me things
i need to know
 she makes me go outside
when i forget or
get lazy
 and then i see
rocks that would not
be books
stitches made by machines
  dots of starlings
all arguing and telling their stories
so much so that
i thought i heard the herald
redwing blackbird
but i think the damned
starlings were leading me on.


onesmallstitch said...

oh, I love it ALL, the pages are wonderful - and so many - and the shifu!! Wendy looks marvellous and those machine tracks/stitches get one thinking. Think you must be enjoying your break. :)

Velma said...

jean, you're so sweet, i haven't been very productive, but there is a kind of inner work that i have been doing that's very absorbing.

aimee said...

this time is so precious for you, for exactly that reason! space and time for the inner work. i love when you get breaks.

Valerianna said...

You say in the comment above, that you haven't been very productive. I know for me the "NOT WORK" is the important thing: the looking, listening, feeling and rooting deeply so my toes touch the flowing rhythms.

Great machine snow-stitches and Wendy love!

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

this strange winter has been acting strangely on many - questioning answers and places that we thought we knew. your's, however, has been whispering to you in such lovely muted colours - creating magical books to take their place in the pantheon of memory keepers. cheers.

ronnie said...

inner work is important (and the outer work you've shared here is just a treat - love the books piling up)

Gardener in the Distance said...

So voluptuous and yet so spare, Velma.

Velma said...

aimee, space and time so precious
valerie, i am trying to be ok with exactly that
henrietta, i like that: memory keepers
ronnie, me, too, even though th epile is small!
faisal, i really appreciate that description!

san d said...

earth and sky and thoughts between,,, very beautiful.
my (backyard) blackjack oaks (in oklahoma) are full of red-winged blackbirds. wish i could give you one! :)

Velma said...

thank yuo san d, but they'll be here soon, soon.

Susan said...

I like the way what you have made reflects the subtle color of the season.

and I love the way a dog gets us outside

ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful images ....A sense of anticipation..... and what would we do without our dogs to draw us out of hibernation when we've been indoors too long.

Velma said...

susan and robyn, dogs are good bosses

Barry said...

V - love the concept of showing up - in your work and surrounding - some times we just have to keep going through the paces and then it seems to click. Beautiful stash of pages. Go well. B

Long Ridge Farm said...

we are always grateful for a begging dog that needs fresh air.
it is sooo hard to put on the coat sometimes but aren't they right!

Velma said...

barry, well, at least the stash grows as i "ferment"
nancy, they are always right and i am a lazy bum sometimes.

Sophie Munns said...

inner work... sometimes the most valuable and crucial and out of which all else flows!

Velma said...

even though i regret no new work, i am feeling like i'm on the starting edge of something, well, nifty.

Anonymous said...

"voluptuous and spare" says it well... the photos tell their story so powerfully - showing how you are paying attention. thanks.

Velma said...

dee, thanks so much for this.

Judy Martin said...

The photos of your work at the beginning of this post are really gorgeous. So natural.

and the dots of starlings in the trees. I've seem similar and thought of them as dots too.

And when they fly..I think of them as crosses.


Velma said...

judy, thank you. starling dots changing to crosses, nice. crosses on their sides are your closing-xx

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