Wednesday, February 29, 2012


in my mail,
a record of experiments with wax and dye
 carol loves birds
and color
see the beautiful layout on this sampler!
the tiny knots
someone is traveling through, again,
my backyard
another porcupine?
i couldn't tell, actually.
and a grandfather maple
who will not be tapped this spring


ronnie said...

that blue is so inviting... I must go have a looksee at carols site.... that snow is so inviting (I'm experiencing more snow envy...)

Velma said...

carol make amazing books, and is a fine "human bean"!

Alisa said...

Hi Velma,
Interesting that the book world is still small, after all. It seems we have a connection--I've met Carol Blinn and bought one of her books at Codex in Berkeley a couple years ago. We had a lively conversation. Love her podcast interview, too.

And I've been enjoying the calmness of your blog, your projects, and seeing how the seasons work in the East!

yrs on the West coast,

Velma said...

carol is an amazing book artist and printer extraordinaire! i'm glad you met her! i listen to the podcast, too, every once in a while!

Sophie Munns said...

OH... i did like some things over at Carol's site!
I noted the comment that in Japan she'd be a national treasure.
Its lamentable we pass over our national treasures. I was reminded on the recent UK trip that there is far more honour given to creatives and artisans like Carol than there is here.
Do you have other maples to tap Velma?

Barry said...

V-looks like your visitors were heading for the compost bin? B

neki desu said...

paper delicacies!

Velma said...

sophie, i like the thought that carol is a national treasure. i have MANY maples on my 90 acres, none have been tapped in 25 years except a couple of them on my fenceline that my neighbor did last year in exchange for a gallon of syrup.
barry, they circled around the green cone, which is impossible for anyone to get into SO FAR!
yes, neki!

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