Sunday, February 12, 2012

old barn in winter

 i was talking with my son
today about our old barn
 it's a place full 
of memories
for us all
but ian, somehow,
who never seemed to love it then
loves it terribly
now he is so far away
 so these little plays 
with sunshine and shadow
wendy and me
are for him
we know how you miss this place
and love this building
and respect it's spirit
and this is a place 
i'm learning a bit about
on a very cold
biting cold
almost open
 north country day


Valerianna said...

Lovely old wood... and shadow play.... and it was sooo cold today I got to find where the cold comes in the new studio. But it does finally feel like February around here! Stay warm and inspired!

Velma said...

ooo, i hope you don't have too many cold spots in there...yes, very cold here, but almost no snow.

Ms. ∆×∆p×≥h/4π said...

Touching base late on Sunday, and it's cold here too, but not like your cold yet, nestled into the canyon of building walls her, protected from wind, and still no snow but persistent rumors.

The shadows on golden tinged wood here feel slightly ominous, supported by the spare text of someone far away, someone learning and that bare landscape.

I wonder if you were conveying that mood purposefully, or am I only seeing my own mood.

Velma said...

ms, both. the barn teaches all kinds of things, and it knows deep cold.

onesmallstitch said...

great shadows, you look well bundled up. there is something about the patina of wood left to the elements - the colour and grain is so basic/beautiful.

ronnie said...

love old barns (or sheds as we refer to farm out-buildings here in oz) ... my brother is now the custodian of our grandfather's old barns/sheds.... gosh but they were some of the most precious places of my youth... one barn held his potato crop (under hessian covers to omit the light)... it was a dark dark place filled with an earthy smell..... mmmmm I can't almost smell it now!... other sheds had his machinery (with neat home- fashioned cabinets for fencing gear and tools) feed shed, the old horse stable, the pig shed.... I LOVE the little community they made!

Velma said...

jean i HAD to bundle up!
ronnie, thank you so much for this! outbuildings are, i sometimes think, the life of a smallholding.

neki desu said...

absence makes the heart grow fonder.
there are few things that take patina as well as wood. rusty metals perhaps.

Velma said...

neki, wood, metal and skin. yes.

kaiteM said...

the last photo is black and white?

layers said...

memories in light and shadow are the best ones

Long Ridge Farm said...

barns are healing places to be. of course I spend a fair amount of time in one and always feel better for it. it is always sad to see beautiful old barns crumble when folks can't or don't want to keep them alive. cherish and honor yours, it will pay back a thousand fold.

Velma said...

no, kaite, that is the color of that place, that day.
donna, lovely
nancy, i spent a fair amount of time in one of your barns--lovely!

Sophie Munns said...

The wood Velma!.... i love the simplest of buildings that feature wood like that... I could live there...
Ive no doubt those memories would become more vivid and important over time.

Some of my family have in our hearts a place we camped at as children called Willow Bend that had a trickling creek visible from the old house ... old wooden shutters got pushed out to view the mountians, trees and creek form the table where simple meals were prepared.

My poetic brov to this day calls his electrical business after that place....

Velma said...

those shots were just gifts! and what a name, willow bend. no wonder he holds on to it.

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