Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year

marking time, making plans, reflecting on the dying year (i almost wrote dyeing). 
when a year has been bigger than ever before, 
a watershed, 
as this one has for me, 
i hardly know where to begin. 
but this i do know:
 all of the friends and budding friendships (and in some cases old friends reconnected) 
that have happened as a result of internet technology 
have been sustaining 
in a way that utterly amazes me. 
i am grateful for these relationships, 
each of them,
each of YOU 
because i think these are patches of beauty in a broken world, 
if you will, of the goodness of the human spirit. 
and when these patches are sewn together or pulped together 
the resulting fabric or piece of paper are whole things. 
useful, full of potential, 
my very good wishes to you all. for health, or for suffering well, if that is your job.
happy, i say, new year.


Deb G said...

Happy New Year Velma! I think, I hope, that the internet and blogging makes the world more connected, that all the connections it forges will hold us together better...

Thank you for the beauty that you add to the world.

P.S. Just started reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Not sure how I missed reading that sooner!

Velma said...

just maybe the interNET we weave can hold us together. pilgrim will astonish you.

aimee said...

i love the way you use the web to hold space and honor everyone and be yourself! hooray for that.

mjc said...

And the loveliest of New Years to you too!

jude said...

love ya!

Velma said...

much love all around!

kaite said...

yes, the net that bundles us all, it's so nourishing, may you have a most enjoyable and interesting year and sending love to you too...k.

ronnie said...

sooooo true - as I live geographically quite removed from the rest of the world....(sams creek is a long way from anywhere really!) I am grateful for the connections, and then friendships, that have formed via the interweb

happy new year from waaaaaay over here (ps its already new years day - and shaping up to be a scorching hot day here at the creek... I love looking at all your snowy pics and imagining how deliciously cool it must be!)

Bonnie K said...

It is amazing how technology on one hand keeps us apart, and yet on the other hand brings us together. Your writings, photos, and creative works have been a blessing to me. Many blessings to you for a happy 2011. I am so glad that I 'found' you again!

iNdi@na said...

blessed be the tireless interpixies
and happy new year to you

iNdi@na said...


somehow i seem to have linked to your blog - but i have no idea how that happened
friendly interpixies i guess!!

Barry said...

V-it works both ways of course. Thanks heaps for sharing and connecting. May we continue to sustain each other in the year ahed- 2011. . I am always amazed that you can take a bunch of leafy stuff and turn into into sheets of useful stuff. B

neki desu said...

have a blessed magical year

Fiona Dempster said...

So true Velma - I often marvel at the wonder of connecting with kindred spirits who share the journey in far off and remote places, as I sit on a mountain top in a small country town. Blessed. PS I have ordered 2 x Annie's books thanks!

Velma said...

you guys are all, as aimee says, the bomb!

Lynda Howells said...

everyone has said what l wanted to sayxxhappy new Year to everyonexxlynda

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