Saturday, January 1, 2011


that we go into a new year with such hope and joy astonishes me. 
i feel a great gladness that the holiday is over, i have a couple bones to chew on. 
thinking. pondering. drawing. and planning.
i took a walk out back yesterday and today. yesterday i slogged through seven or so inches of snow, today i had to work to find any. it's been crazy warm, and a little rainy. 
can you see how the weather has changed this rock? 
it's beautiful beyond anything i make. 
another split rock. 
so today i worked on a milkweed book.
i hope it happens, this birthing is tough going. 
beaver busy in the woods


jude said...

i wish i could go chew on a tree like that.

kaite said...

i got lost on the connections between the two halves of the chewed tree, separating yet not quite ready to do so...k.

kaite said...

and i wish our holidays were over too but they drag on and on - there are so many holidays in Aus at this time of year...k.

Velma said...

i am just eager to move on this year more than ever.

Judy Martin said...

I wish you a huge year. The integrity of your writing is very inspiring.

Margaret Braun said...

You're awesome! Wishing you all that your heart desires! Lots of Love and Hugs!

DIAN said...

thank you for this blog.

Velma said...

and, really, thank you all for reading.

Fiona Dempster said...

Such busy beavers - literally!

neki desu said...

splendorous rock!
we still have one more week of festivities over here as the big thing is epiphany or twelfth night. i'm already sick of all. the realm of too:too festive, too much, too long.

onesmallstitch said...

love all the photos, especially the 1st one of the curled and pleated leaves--more beautiful than any textile. And the split rock with it's lichen, moss and blanket of leaves. The nested blocks are charming. Keep busy, like the beaver.

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