Monday, January 10, 2011


hannah winding using my old swift.
my daughter is an avid knitter. this is a lovely mohair and wool hat. 
 this is a sweater with her christmas yarn, a variegated deep teal.
 i wanted some wristies.
 so i bought her some black and off white wool
 i wanted a fun pair so i asked her to vary the solid color placements. the black and white stripes remind me of someone out there, jude. these are just plain fun. 
i like it that she likes to knit and i do not. 
sometimes i spin and she uses my yarn for a knitting project. it's a little bit sad that i no longer have sheep. but i may have them again in the future. 
who knows?


aimee said...

YAY!! i love all these pics. esp that angle of the table. i am so used to thinking about that work table in a different orientation, mostly facing the wall w/the living room entrance, not the windows. i love that she likes to knit and you do not. and that you like to do things that she does not. this brightened my afternoon! thanks for sharing, as always.

onesmallstitch said...

I have the same swift, wound off the silk on it today. Wonderful wristies-never heard them called that before. I am not a keen knitter, either, am teaching 2 granddaughters.

Margaret Braun said...

What talent! AND she has her mother's smile!

T said...

lucky you, these are just the thing for winter.


Fiona Dempster said...

The wristies are great and I love the mixed up colour combinations. Its nice for us to share the same principles with family - like making by hand - just different things.

Velma said...

when hannah's home there's always a lot more fiber happening, even though my fiber is more cellulose these days.

Barry said...

V- I believe the saying is you can't have too much fiber - cellulose or otherwise. Glad your H brings even more joy and fiber into your household. B

Valerianna said...

I love the IDEA of spinning and knitting... but haven't gotten there yet. I also love the IDEA of having sheep. Glad my neighbors do. Enough work just keeping the stove stoked and driving two days a week long away to teach....

I've been craving wrist warmers, just read something about keeping pulse points warm to increase inner fire. Thanks for reminding me, I think its time for a pair!

Deb G said...

Like those! Black and white is always classic and fun at the same time.

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