Wednesday, January 5, 2011

being nurtured

on the road again. 
from here
to here
 we call it hump day. 
as in getting over the hump (wednesday) of the school week. 
i am really tired, probably several of you 
who are trying to get back in the work schedule will understand.
it was almost as though the universe knew i needed a lifting up, a boost, a hug.
two envelopes from aimee.
one box from carol.
astonishment and huge thanks. i will take some photos. 
after i relax a bit.


aimee said...

hump day! we all know about that one. one of my friends will regularly title her email subject "hump day" when she writes to me on wednesdays. if i could send hugs in envelopes, i would do it all the time. rest! relax!

Velma said...

oh, you did, you did.

iNdi@na said...

get back in? it never stopped on this side of the puddle...

Valerianna said...

I am sitting in HUGE gratitude right now for the two weeks I have left to sink into dreaming. University winter breaks are QUITE generous. I can't imagine having to get right back to work after all the hubbub of the holidays. As a bear-woman, I need a bit of time to dream winter before I feel ready to head back out into the new year. I wish we all had this time for renewal - it gives me the umpf to get through...

ronnie said...

oooo more delish pics....

I am starting to develop serious snow envy....

T said...

Bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrr, rest well with a hot cup of cocoa. We can wait for the pictures.


Barry said...

V- great sequence of images. And yes we understand hump day and the winding up into work-work after a few days break over Christmas. Go well B

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