Sunday, January 9, 2011

moving through

a long trip home friday
there are times in winter when it just seems like there's too much to do juxtaposed with vast stretches of everything taking a long time, not exactly boring, just lengthy. interminable, sometimes. this wouldn't be a problem if we could adjust our schedules to meet the logical rhythms for our individual needs. it caught up to me over break, when i was sick with a sinus infection, then some gastra-intestinal "stuff". i live in this body and this body was screaming for some changes, which i have begun.
 i feel better. 
like most, though, this inner work (whether emotional or physical) is not accomplished quickly or in a vacuum-i have work to go to, fairly stressful, family stuff, fairly non-stressful (thankfully, i've been there, too) and art stuff, finding dome new directions and possibilities. there are plenty of balls to juggle. i'm not too skilled. but i keep practicing.
and it will sort itself out. 


Judy Martin said...

Velma, I admire how you are able to juggle so many things and still keep this beautiful and inspiring blog going.

Perhaps your art that takes such a long time, is lengthy, is your solid ground.

Best wishes for a creative year.

jude said...

it will.

aimee said...

your practice is solid, and an inspiration!

Deb G said...

Been considering this a lot too. :)

kaite said...

yes i get what you're talking about, i've never been in my 60s before to practise it and i'm not sure i like all of it.
that's a pretty but scary road on the first pic, that must be how you feel. k.

Anonymous said...

As creatives we keep going. We are experiencing a heavy snowfall in Edmonton this weekend. Just got in from shoveling the snow around my car. It took an hour. Back to being creative now. As always you are amazing, my friend!

Anonymous said...

--I've been thinking of you all day, sending you good thoughts.

Velma said...

appreciating all the energy from you folks...and kaite, yes, it's a perfect metaphor.

DIAN said...

Your blog always makes me think. That has to be a good thing.

neki desu said...

one of life's miracles is that most things sort themselves out.(thank goodnes!!!)

Velma said...

maturity means, i think, waiting, knowing things will settle.

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