Thursday, January 27, 2011

journal work

using a brayer to make color areas
 not worried about mixing ideas
beginning a rainbow 
learning style/interest inventory 
three students, all young. two HATE writing, are ok with reading, or rather being read to, and are pretty good at canned worksheets. one is pregnant. one is 17, the others 15. 
we do very few worksheets. 
i drag them out of their comfort zones, and reward them with art time in their journals. 
sneaky me.


aimee said...

SO gratifying to see after a day of similar teaching! i wish i had shown them the trick w/the rainbow roll on the brayer! your sneakiness is ever kind.

Velma said...

amazing how emotionally disturbed high school kids and private womens' college students are all human beings, eager to learn, to MAKE art.

kaite said...

i Hate writing also, because it actually hurts and i have very little control of the pen, it's called writer's cramp and is not all that un-common.
good on you for being sneaky. k.

Barry said...

V- must be a daily challenge - finding new ways to engage the kids and to offer opportunities for learning and if not that at least happiness. Sending vibes to to you to just keep it going. B

jude said...

i love little hands. sometimes sneaky can be very good.

Fiona Dempster said...

I like the devious/sneaky element here -and it often works so well!

Velma said...

i love their hands, too.

Velma said...

...and my sneakiness!

neki desu said...

sneaking for a good cause foundation

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