Saturday, January 22, 2011

january cold

 yesterday after school. lots of tracks in front of the barn, temporary visitors
 the cold was coming on, it's pretty cold today.
 a nest is built here every year, or improved if it hasn't fallen. 
the chicks aren't bothered by the bees? 
 some icicles for jude, they form on the wild grapevine and virginia creeper on the barn
 there were prints in the barn, too, but the wild animals that visit are savvy and avoid the rotted flooring that hannah's friend put her foot through!
this is actually one of the barn's basement windows. it's how i felt on friday, the end of a hectic, difficult week at school. 


Anonymous said...

Velma, the pictures are beautiful, but I don't know how anything survives in that cold. I hope you are by a warm fire--and your pipes are ok.

Barry said...

V-love the soft prints in the snow - so quiet and clean. Hope you have recovered over the weekend and don't quite feel like you are caged in. Go well. B

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi Velma - the cold almost took my breath away just looking at that second photo. I imagined myself there and my breath just went. I hope the weekend was restorative and that some warmth returns soon.

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