Monday, January 17, 2011

on my table

on the table 
 i finished another page
there have been gifts: aimee made a little book with my blogwords 
thoughts about human behavior
and jean sent me an ornament, 
a catcher of dreams or not-look at the intersections, and the heart-like beach glass
red osier dogwood
and a leaping rabbit
a new year greeting from giselle.
how was she to know that i loved her diamonds that i saw at p.b.i.? 
how was she to know i love rabbits, hares, and most 
especially angora rabbits.
and i love seeing snowshoe hares here in their between colors.
saranac lake airport, where i saw hannah off and into the seat of copilot!
hannah made the new banner above before she left.
we drove to lake clear with the open rockbook covers clunking until we stopped 
and i moved them a little.
i need to haul them out.
the drive home through the mountains
 evening unsettling until
 i arrived home. 
the almostfull moon had a story to share, but it's too cold for me tonight.
maybe tomorrow i can manage, 
but this cold has permeated my toes and fingers.
sleep warm.


aimee said...

your pictures get better and better!! bon voyage to hannah and warmth to you.

Valerianna said...

Gosh, I hear you about the cold. I let the fire die down while I was posting on my blog and we are huddled by the fire as it slowly fills the house again with warmth. This time of year, the temperature plummets at sunset and I need to remember to stoke the fire soon after. It was already down to 10 degrees at dusk... brrrrr.

Love the photo of the corvids in the tree.

kaite said...

the hunting would disturb me too, and it's hard to argue with a man and a gun.
magnificent snow covered trees - do you know what type of pine they are? stay warm, wear your knitted mittens. k.

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing winter through your pictures--they're beautiful. The shifu is simply wonderful. Hannah's view from the co-pilot's seat must have been thrilling. Stay warm.

jude said...

i like the circle of weaving.

Velma said...

i have a thing about circles...

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