Tuesday, January 25, 2011

since when

since when does 26 degrees feel warm? since 26 below zero, that's when! we just returned from a walk in the newly falling snow, and wind, and i didn't wear long johns and i'm nicely invigorated and feel really hot indoors! imagine if we had skied.
some critters know how to spend the winter.
 in my library, between two surfaces
last night while sitting at the table my spine actually shivered, as a little group of coyotes began singing within spitting distance of my house. i couldn't spot them, but it startled me. 
this is a very small room, it used to be the toy room, then the art room, where the kids made things. before i painted it, the walls were fairly decorated.
behind the basket in front of the little medicine cabinet is where i found the spider's nest 
books. all small, by me. and carol and aimee and roberta and shanna and sarah and amanda and susan and joanne and margot and asao. a tumbler by ian and a basket by gin. cheers!
and inside the cabinet? a heron's skull!


kaite said...

26 indoors is quite hot, i presume you are working with degC? but maybe not.
delightful little room filled with little treasures. k.

Velma said...

in my americancenteredness, i assume everyone knows f instead of c. silly me. the room is small, but tall!

Anonymous said...

fabulous collection of treasures.Once,while sailing in a remote part of Northern Vancouver Is., anchored out in the bay, the coyotes started howling. I pulled up the boarding ladder, my husband (at the time) laughted for days. It's a sound like no other on Earth.

Velma said...

once while sailing...those words are amazing to me! last night i turned off the lights inside and outside ones on to search.


What is it about bones? I love them. Bones and seeds.

kaite said...

ha ha, and i assume "everyone" is thinking decimal and degC. but it's all relative, sometimes 20C feels really hot and other times really cool. k.

neki desu said...

i see your selvedge mags all lined up :)
pretty little loom too

Velma said...

neki-selvedge, in the studio are the fiberarts and handpapermaking, the two i have really, really long term relationships with.
and kaite-i'm so dull i'd have to really work hard to make the conversion to c. the one i have firm in c is "0".
trace-i love to draw the bones i find.

jude said...

many precious things. it is warm enough to snow here today!

kit said...

love that heron skull! your room looks so cozy and vibrates with creative energy!

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