Thursday, March 10, 2011


a few days and then, this.
it's been over a year, maybe two.
i mostly forget it, watering from time to time. 
poor bulb.
but this march
for its own reasons
two blossoms
amazing red.
a word to friends, thank you for encouragement to ian.
a modest sampling of 25 years of handpapermaking journal's featured papermakers.
came in today's mail.
it's like seeing old friends, though i know only a few papermakers in this collection. 
several more i know of. one,
the amazing papermaker, marbler, printer tom leech.
(his sample here)
tom taught me to make lokta paper
and how to climb around on rocky steep hillsides
in toelle, utah
to make something ephemeral for 
others. a meditation, perhaps, for no reason 
except the smiles of others.


Anonymous said...

amaryllis thrive on neglect, mostly they die from too much kindness. velvety colour. have to love those little parcels in the mail - even if we ordered them.

Velma said...

jean, i had a devil of a time refinding the pictures of tom's work, the seem to have migrated, perhaps back to utah...and the flower is a miracle to get me over the hump

kaite said...

beautiful close-up of the amaryllis, and that marbling is definately amazing. k.

Fiona Dempster said...

So much beauty contained within those flowers and that book. I think I would jump out of my skin if something that big and bold and red appeared out of all that white!

Tom's marbling skill is almost beyond belief - my eyes kept telling me - it's a collage; cut out shapes and so on...but no; his control is such that he can make that happen?!?! WoW!

I like his approach to the ephemeral, meditative and smile-making moments of some of the bits we make...

neki desu said...

beautiful pages.

Velma said...

fiona, it most certainly startled me! you got that. and tom. his skill is only matched or surpasssed by his integrity. a really good man.
kaite, yes, indeed.
neki, this is handpapermaking's celebratory piece, available online at their site.

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