Thursday, March 17, 2011


 this morning, before work i heard my first robin song. first, that is, since 2010.
then on the way in i saw my first robin.
starlings have been back and are checking out the two nest sites here, 
in an eve and in the crooked old kitchen chimney.
and i've been listening to redwing blackbirds for almost two weeks. 
they hang out on my neighbor's sugar maple.
it's sugar season, and a student brought in the first syrup he boiled. 
he played hooky yesterday to boil. 
a very proud young man.
when the maple sap is running, folks just get happy. 
there's certainty that winter's winding down, spring is approaching.
there's hope and longer days.
we can still get big snow, still get bitter cold. still have icy conditions.
but if you sleep with your window opened, you'll hear robins in the morning!


iNdi@na said...

no robins here
just magpies yodelling all night outside my [always open] window

ronnie said...

no robins here either

but last night I heard a mopoke

and yesterday I saw our trio of wedge-tailed eagles circling overhead (they like cloudy days)

Velma said...

indie and ronnie-do you have robins in oz? my bedroom window starts opening at night in march, usually too cold before then.

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