Tuesday, March 29, 2011

not much

field note: two ruffed grouse, budding
on tooley pond road
eating birch catkins

not much of interest happening here.
 so i have been quiet. 
i drive and look and look and see fields bleached ochre. 
they will race to green quickly, 
so this calm is fine. 
cold enough to sleep with the window shut.


jude said...

these days right before the warm ones are so mystifying....

Velma said...

sometimes i anticipate, others i push off and away

kaite said...

nice tho, the pics say it all.

Cait Throop said...

I actually like "cold enough to sleep with the windows shut!! xo

Susan said...

hmmm. I feel unsettled, and can't concentrate. The new slant of the sun gets in my eyes too much. There's still too much old snow. I'm cranky.
I see flocks of early robins eating old sumac cones

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