Saturday, March 19, 2011

big moon and other wonders

 inside through two panes
there are two moons on the horizon
 and outdoors 
no woodcock yet 
from the front porch
water though, downhill
moon play on the porch
 mud socks
 another book
pages and pages
 newborn and salted
little friends


ronnie said...

our big moon was hidden behind even bigger clouds last night.....

I love your small moos with their muddy socks! (could almost be a scene from my backdoor..... especially the little black sweet-faced baby - what a cutie!)

iNdi@na said...

you seem to have a lot of stone sandwiches

jude said...

moons and moos. i wonder what it would be like to dig up one of those little rock books in a million years or so.

Lynn said...

These tiny stone books are exquisite. I don't know why they resonate so, but they do. They make me want to read in a way that I'd forgotten I knew how to.

Velma said...

r, i, j, & l, there is something soothing and grounding living amongst calves and stone books, like the land has stories to tell, maybe, jude, forever

Patty said...

Big moon and mud boots...welcome spring. Your
stone books (and others I've seen here) are full of earth memories.

Velma said...

oh, i like that, patty.

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