Friday, March 11, 2011

rock book minus ermine

this gift was mine
after leaving sea level
more or less to here, 700 feet.
wild clouds split bright the sky
i steer up my drive
spot the rocks waiting for their pages. 
 a flash of long white muscle and 
 black paintbrush disappears under this foundation
one moment
out it ran into the garage, 
i waited with camera
you never know when grace appears, 
and if you're waiting, well, it just vaporizes.
rock book five
minus ermine.


ronnie said...


(I'm sure we are made from the same star dust velma...)

aimee said...

omg, look at it!! amazing.

Valerianna said...

cool... I'll keep a lookout for ermine, to keep up our mirrored north-world tradition.

Velma said...

we are stardust we are do do
totally gifted
this baby was bold, strong, mighty, and small.

Fiona Dempster said...

I am loving the exoticness of your wildlife - for me they are all unknown and unusual! A nice rockbook waiting to begin...

Velma said...

fiona, this one is the cover for the largest rock book from november's exhibition. so the pages are done (thank god). it was way too heavy for me to manage through the high drifts, so it sat outside after i removed it from the back of my car in february!

Velma said...

oh, and work is at 250 altitude, not sea level...

Anonymous said...

oh wow, you have the most exotic wildlife, what a beautiful little creature.

mjc said...


Virginia said...

So lovely! Molly and I saw a mink on the way home from Play practice the other night. It was only a brief glimpse but still felt like a gift.

Velma said...

i saw my first (alive) mink next to lake huron. it was amazing, beautiful. this is my second ermine.

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