Thursday, March 17, 2011

workshop coming soon...

the first  of my workshops for this summer is now being advertised: 
it's called north country shifu

and, by the way, i would love to see you there. we will have some fun, spinning and weaving and dyeing kozo and maybe some lokta.

the morgan conservatory is amazing, and is located in cleveland, ohio
the below blurb is lifted from the morgan conservatory's site:
North Country ShifuInstructor: Velma Bolyard
June 25 - June 26

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North Country Shifu is an experimental workshop in which you will explore the gentle art of cutting, spinning, and weaving and dyeing kozo. We will experiment using drop spindles, and bobbin winders (acting as spinning wheels) to spin cut kozo, and then weave on different simple looms. You will experiment with a natural dyes including black walnut. The Morgan Conservatory has been growing Kozo for the past five years in their garden and you will have the chance to work with some Kozo paper that was grown, harvested, beaten and pulled into sheets right here in Cleveland. At the end of the workshop you will leave with a sampling of spun, woven, and dyed kozo. This is a class for sampling, for beginners, or for more experienced weavers come with a warped loom and weave with your spun kozo.


jude said...


Valerianna said...

Sounds fun! A boatload of turkeys today, you crossed my mind as they danced around the yard.... I wondered, does Velma have them still?

aimee said...

YAY!! i wish i could go but i'll be in the north country then. how ridiculous is that timing?!

neki desu said...

here's another confirmation that life's not fair.why isn't it somewhere across the pond?

Velma said...

j, v, a, & n, smiles and explanations...and aimee will be teaching at the morgan in may! haven't made it to europe in years and years, maybe someday? turkeys are around, but blend i now, but the coyote and gees sang last night.

Hannah said...

the daughter is proud!

kaite said...

i hope it goes well for you.

Anonymous said...

I'll be there in spirit

Velma said...

h, thanks, grin.
k, me too, scared, really!
j, maybe see you out west...

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