Tuesday, March 22, 2011

living exhausted

i remember kidding and lambing, feeding my own babies in the night, sleepless weeks when my marriage fell apart. nothing prepared me for the fatigue and weariness of pettiness and small mindedness in the workplace. sigh. the drive home was an antidote.
 that's my hill driveway just past the buggy
not very many buggies go by here
wendy barks and barks
 my little friend
 this is how i feel
 and this
and maybe i should just be 
in the clouds
or send 
my heart there
for spring


Valerianna said...

Gosh, I SOOOO relate. There are times at work when my jaw drops open at the way supposedly mature people are with me and each other. I truly believe we are a culture of uninitiated adults and that if we re-instated a real coming-of-age initiation for all teens, we would be profoundly better off, really!

What a great buggy, and little friend!

DIAN said...

Velma, so sorry to hear you are feeling bleak. Perhaps you should just lie back on those clouds and float a little.

Life can be gloomy at times and I find just to relax and go with it is the best way.

jude said...

i have been thinking about floating all day.

Barry said...

V - hoping your bleakness has lifted and that the sun is shining in your life - float with the clouds could be good.B

kaite said...

sounds like you need a long, long walk with Wendy. btw, your "fragments" of piso dyed cloth are looking good.

lotta said...

sorry about your troubles at work. sometimes those relationships are the hardest. I hope that it gets resolved and that you will find peace. Yes, a long walk in the wilderness with your dog sounds like the right antidote.

Virginia said...

Yuck. I hope it gets better. Spring break is not far away now. Hang in there.

Hannah said...

love you, you're the best mum ever :)

Fiona Dempster said...

Hi V sorry for our absence (in Vietnam). I like the look of those clouds and the gentle lift and carry they offer. I also like the look of your maple syrup; those beautiful stone books and so many other wonders that have appeared on your pages whilst I've been away! Keep breathing, smiling and making beautiful things F

Cait Throop said...

Ohhhhh yeah...I love not having to go to the workplace! Your pictures soothe the soul, Velma! (Waving to Hannah!!) xo

Velma said...

everyone, i am astounded. thank you. you all make me feel celebrated. and work was better today. wendy knows.

mjc said...

I can so, so, SO relate to that second sentence, and I am, no matter what happens financially, incredibly happy that that is all behind me now. Where I am right at the moment, making is the celebration it should be. Breathe, breathe deep: the reward of summer comes soon...it's a shame that it is so often paid for in the coinage of exhaustion, frustration and counter-educational moves...

liniecat said...

Oh yessssssss. I work alongside a 32 year old know it all, who I more and more want to slap with a wet fish!
Its waring isnt it and at 61 I figure Ive earned my grey hair and should be entitled to slap the juvenille twit.....but I stick the headphones on and try and tune him out whilst leaning on mild antidepressants...but only cos it would embarrass the kids to visit me in jaol..lolol
Mind you when I do leave, I will give him his horoscope I swear!
Your so not alone in your pickle and those overcast clouds chase across the skies, reaching most of us at some time or another.

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