Monday, March 7, 2011

monday monday

the day started with a snowstorm. here, anyway, and all around the area, 
but not where i teach! 
maybe 3 new inches there, and when i got home i had a surprise. 
my driveway was filled up, especially the bottom, and my mailbox had been plowed right off. first time ever, by a plow, and i can't fix it in the cold (and snow up to my knees). 
now i have to pick up my mail every day in town until i finagle a new attachment. 
you wouldn't believe how much this pissed me off.
a grandfather maple
the stone wall
enough snow. for now. 
this has been a long, deep winter. 

so i did walk wendy, and felt better, but am still longing for milder weather. 
i love mud season!


aimee said...

oh, NO! that would make me SO angry!! i hope that gets sorted out soon.

Anonymous said...

gee whiz - I'd make the snow plow driver come fix your mailbox, in the snow. I can understand how pissed off it would make you! and enough of the snow, don't think I would survive. Cut some shifu, relax, meditate whatever, take care.

Velma said...

thanks, aimee and jean. poor hannah is having an even worse time, and it's all little stuff.

the walk really really helped.

Anonymous said...

little stuff means alot. It will get better for both you and Hannah

aimee said...

the walk is always a good thing. i hope the little things clear up soon for hannah. it's always the little things, and they like to come in swarms!

ronnie said...

well - that's another something that doesn't happen here at the creek!

we are currently experiencing the glorious start to my favourite season - autumn. The days are warm, but not hot, things are ripening and growing madly in the garden, there's no nasty unsettled spring storms - so no nasty damaging wind or hail or lightning. its de-light-ful!

(hope the winter is over for you soon.... and ours holds off for just another bit)

neki desu said...

that maple should be glorious in the fall!

Rima said...

You can have some of our mud, which sucked my boots off yesterday :) ...

Velma said...

ronnie, it's hard to imagine late summer early autumn this time of year.
neki, he most certainly is. one of the few elders left on the roadside in front of my land.
and rima, it will come! but not soon enough. i hope you didn't have to walk home in your stocking son did that.

Hannah said...

not the mailbox! i swear, we have the worst mailbox luck. i wish i was there to help. enjoy the snow, boston is ugly right now...i long for the snow.

leFiligree said...

snowplowers: you cant live with 'em and you cant live without 'em!

Velma said...

lefiligreee, welcome, and without 'em i'd not have made it to work, but this is the first total decapitation.

kaite said...

i would definately believe how much it pissed you off, but it's so good that you were able to walk it off with wendy.
strangely enough i was thinking about mailboxes today and how people used to blow them up on cracker night many, many moons ago, and how that seemed back then the very worst thing that could happen. k.

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