Monday, August 27, 2012

fooling me

monday morning
as august winds down and 
crickets sing.
just pulled out a bundle i dyed with virginia creeper berries 
and another with ice flower hollyhocks. 
 the burdock sphere grows
 there have been many bundles
 monarchs love the black eyed susans
ice flower hollyhocks on wool gauze
and there's wendy, 
who is making her ending her own,
sleeping a lot, 
but also
bossing (just a little) the visiting setters
being very much herself,
when she's awake.


  1. The first dye pic looks like a pair of lungs!
    Bless Wendy, lucky to be doing it her way.

  2. The end of life is a hard time for those who are not leaving (yet).

    I send you good thoughts as you are present for her, now.

  3. ooh nancy, yuck-o! hmm, i better pay attention to that when i use it.
    ino, welcome and thank you, i'm trying.

  4. our brimmer is currently limping badly and a vet visit is imminent... he's getting to be an old boy and its hard to see him hobbling about.... big hugs for wendy x

  5. that burdock sphere is simply beautiful & sending gentle ear scritchies for Wendy...

  6. ronnie, sad to hear brimmer is hurting. and thank you, wendy just keeps surprising me.
    mo, she LOVES those...the burdock sphere grew today, and i'm a little itchy.

  7. Love that Wendy has enough umpf to be bossy in between dreaming! I like her take charge spirit on all fronts. I wonder how you are doing navigating this...?

  8. I had so much respect for our cat when he was dying - he very much had his own way about it. I'm so sorry to hear about Wendy.

  9. dee, getting used to dying might be what the theme is now.


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