Saturday, August 4, 2012

making paper boogie

if i was a muscian i would write this one
 day lily curls off the drying boards
 arbor vitae
 slippery elm and cedar soaking
 moulds waiting
 betsy and krista
 cedar, day lily, abaca

the class is wonderful and i for one
am having a great time.


deanna7trees said...

a beautiful range of color.

ronnie said...

its a beautiful melody

india flint said...

love the colours.

Velma said...

deanna, yep, it's quite lovely this go round.
ronnie, that's nice!
india, we are rich in color, er, colour.

aimee said...

you, and they, must be SO pleased. the papers look fantastic! i wish i could do one of these classes with you. someday!

jude said...

looks like everyone is having a great time

onesmallstitch said...

think I'll have to be a paper maker - in my next life. wish I could feel them.

Velma said...

aimee, and i, you.
jude, i think so but it is HOT and HUMID so it's a bit exhausting. and velma is a slave driver...
jean, me, too

neki desu said...

the colors have merited the drive you slave driver :)

Velma said...

neki, well, we could hardly go wrong with cedar and daylily as well as milkweed, and the rest!

Long Ridge Farm said...

you are a great teacher, despite Mother Nature's challenges

Velma said...

thanks, nancy! she put us through it, didn't she?

Lena H said...

lovely papers with so nice colors and fine atmosphere.

Velma said...

thanks, lena, it was a fine three days

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