Wednesday, August 15, 2012

tuesday doings reported

not bad, really
seeds in a nine patch
for sophie, jude, india, and roz
these make walking on my driveway 
a skating rink in august.
watch it!
 two cooks, pots full of fiber
potential paper
stripped bark, chiri, and stems
a tiny bit of mulberry
 crinkle experiments for carol
mutual accord
on an evening stroll.


Valerianna said...

Good stuff, as always. Maybe cleats will help navigate the driveway... or just collect them all for something. They're nice little balls, anyway!

Velma said...

valerie, i once walked on school linoleum with my yak traks and took quite a slide...these little guys are exactly the same!

india flint said...

Nine is my number, thank you!

jude said...

nine is my number too...xx

Velma said...

two the nines...india and jude, nines forever...

Long Ridge Farm said...

it all warms me cockles

Fiona Dempster said...

I loved those little balls of trouble...great photos!

Barry said...

V-sounds a little like nature makes us work just a bit for her bounty. It always makes me smile to think that stems and twigs will create beautiful colours. Go well and continue to create well. B

neki desu said...

mutual accord. cracked me up :D
love crinkled surfaces.

Velma said...

nancy, now weren't you warm enough two weeks ago to last for a bit?!
fiona, those babies shock me every year, and i always think they're NOT so dangerous, that is until i slide
barry, just have to think outside the box and explore. if only there was world enough and time.
neki, he he he! that paper feels wonderful!

roz said...

7 was always my number for years and years
but recently
23 is showing me the way
a sign of affirmation from loved ones that i miss
i am happy to be in the nine patch tho with such good company
and those little balls are sweet

Velma said...

roz, 7 has always been mine. although 3 or 9 are ok, too. the balls are basswood (linden) and are so fun.

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