Saturday, August 11, 2012

leaving new hampshire

 after the teaching
and the learning
i met some sheep
 they were hot, too
but handling it better than me!
 nancy and i had a little fun
sunday evening
 extending into monday morning
 nancy's patient hands
 long ridge 
black locust
and a few others
 bundled with copper
 and off i tootled
first to
 returning after 30 years 
i first went there
when i went to putney
to meet carol brown 
 some winding was happening,
but the machines were being cleaned
 and i bought a little skein of sock wool for hannah
and saw a photo of carol.


onesmallstitch said...

sheep with coats on in the middle of a heat wave - poor things! love the last eco-dye picture, there's a nude-or two-in there. you are having all together too much fun.

jude said...

imagine being covered in wool in this heat.

Nancy said...

Ugh! Too hot to be sheep!

Velma said...

jean, they, like us, were wearing clothes. all of us too silly! we had some lovely ecodyed pieces. going back to look for the nudes!
jude, my hair lives in a bun on my head right now.
nancy, yes. i only have too much hair on my head!

india flint said...

We don't rug our sheep so in summer their not-too-long wool (we shear in spring) actually helps keep them cool, surprising as that may seem.

Velma said...

india, the contented sheep were not stressed, i was stressed by my clothes, but others would have been stressed had i removed mine.

Long Ridge Farm said...

Chiming in on the sheep coats, they are a light, breathable fabric which has no effect on capturing heat and their fleece acts as an insulator (now 2-4" long), contrary as that seems. They are a small and lucky flock. Hidden from view is a whiring fan during the hot spells.
Velma, the time was grand!

Velma said...

nancy, your sheep were very happy. hillside breeze, a big fan, shade, fly protection, and delicious pasturage. happy, indeed. i had a lovely time as well.

neki desu said...

ohh the spinnery! what bliss.

Velma said...

neki, it's small and a wonderful place. luscious fat skeins of WOOL!

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