Thursday, August 30, 2012

the country of...

...the pointed firs
sarah orne jewett's 
writing of rural maine
contrasts yet connects beautifully
with the busy life my nephew and his family lead.
they are returning from being trip naturalists
(photos 6 & 7)
on a prairie home companion's 
summer european cruise.
 of many kayaks
 of pin cherry bark
of coastal woods
a place in the woods
near the atlantic
a change before school begins.
a long drive, but a beautiful trip
reminds me why i live 
so far away from the busy
busy american life.
~~~today, HAND EYE's newsletter arrived.
and includes an important article
about healing work with textiles
read this!


  1. you made it!!!! so delighted for you and happy you decided to strike out to this beautiful place. hugs to you and hannah!

  2. aimee, it was challenging, but so worth it.

  3. Sarah Orne Jewett. Another writer we love in common.

  4. An all time favorite. My friends in Massachusetts have a very old copy that was her mother's and smells of mold, but is none the less, loved. Did you know that Project Gutenberg has made this book available for free reading/download and share?
    The Country of The Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett

    I am terribly envious of your nephew's travel with Garrison Keillor another favorite of mine, I became a devoted listener to Prairie Home one snowed in winter with my MA friends decades ago.

    And your own trip--lovely. But I may have to find a bit of cash now that I've read the superb article in HandEye, and, meanwhile will certainly share it liberally.

    Thank you so for today's post :-)

  5. Velma~ What a beautiful post today. Rich, deep, expanding and memory filled all at once. Every time I read one of Wendy's articles, I tear up at the truth of what she does, of how she helps.
    Thank you for sharing all of this today.

  6. ms, we young marrieds in the adirondacks used to get together for silent p.h.c. parties, we'd have fun, eat goodies talk during the music, and listen to the speaking parts. rich and nat have been trip naturalists for MANY cruises... glad you liked the article
    nancy, thank you. me, too.

  7. The article is very interesting, and very moving. I didn't know about this cloth therapy, I am amazed and want to know more. Thinking about it I realize how much I have changed since I started 'playing' with cloth myself, and consequently how my life is much more fulfilling and how at peace I feel.
    Thank you for pointing out Wendy's article.

  8. oh that article by Wendy Golden-Levitt is the most moving piece of writing I have ever read and helps me understand how the magic of working with cloth such a human & humane thing to do...

  9. blandina, that's lovely to hear.
    mo crow, yes. i am glad.


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